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  The Crosrol Group was formed in 1946 by Dr Andre Varga and since that time has concentrated its activities on identifying and developing potential technical improvements for preparing short staple fibers, both natural and synthetic, for the downstream spinning and non-yarn processes.
  The core values of the Company, since inception, have been to provide real technical and commercial benefits to the textile industry facilitated by innovative engineering to achieve high quality productivity at the lowest possible purchase and owning/operating costs with machine reliability and low maintenance requirements being most important requirements.
  In 2002 the manufacturing of all new machinery for global distribution was moved to Shanghai in order to be able to continue supplying quality machines at the most economical prices. Since that time Crosrol has been supplying the world’s major textile markets with machines whose concept is European, developed in the very demanding Asian markets, assembled in China using internationally sourced highest quality components with the key components being manufactured in-house.
  The current range of Blowroom and Carding machines, introduced in 2008, has been developed over the last 4 years and once again establishes the world standard of superior technology at the most economical price that has been, and continues to be, the Crosrol tradition and hallmark.

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